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Is it important to be disruptive?

We like to be bold and daring, but to be relevant disruption alone should not be the aim. We believe more in exploration - the idea of unknown terrain, going beyond traditional media - rather than disruption for the sake of disruption. And we like to tell stories, usually with a slight degree of disparity with the current codes of the brand. Our ambition is for each project to lead a brand's image towards a new, but increasingly relevant territory.

What are the advantages of never having been part of another creative studio and doing your own thing from the start?

Freedom! This has allowed us to define our own style and to craft it according to our own vision, therefore, we are not just artistic directors anymore, we are "jacks of all trades." What excites us the most at Maison Nue is creation as a whole, whether it has to do with image, or all other media. We work by following the thread of our passions, this helps us to go beyond the given framework, to connect seemingly heterogenous things. For example, we are currently working on a new aspect of digital media, linking artificial intelligence algorithms and creativity. It's very stimulating.

What inspires you the most?

We are naturally drawn to sensitivity, whether it is a film, a sound, an object, a place, a texture. Our inspiration is one of the facets of our studio that we share the most with the public, via our Instagram. Today people really recognize the Maison Nue style and equally what is unlike Maison Nue. It's quite funny actually. We would really like to develop this idea of a Maison Nue universe. The relationship between words or sounds with images also plays an important role in our inspiration. We love instantly evocative components, and assembling them in order to find a new harmony. We are also very inspired by the talented people we meet, photographers, artists, designers...and now hackers! We enjoy the curatorial dimension of artistic direction : that of having a global creative vision while highlighting the expertise of each individual involved in the process.

What constitutes good work?

An intelligible concept - which requires exemplary execution. That's what they teach at Penninghen- where Justine graduated from - and it's a requisite we should never lose sight of. The other aspect is of course the idea of going further than the initial brief. Clients expect a studio to offer a point of view, not just a creative response. That's why we are committed to not only working on a project's image but also, instinctively, the strategy that surrounds it. That's how the response to the brief will be relevant, if it exceeds the framework while fitting into the appropriate context. At Central Saint Martins - where Constance graduated from - the teachers always said that we should never use the word "nice" to describe a work, "nice" doesn't mean anything. This is also the ambition we have for our projects - smart, not nice.

What kind of project would you like to do that you have never done before?

As we mentioned before, we are currently tackling a new field that goes beyond conventional digital media : the experience of fashion, beauty, fragrance etc. via intelligent algorithms. Coming soon... But beyond new discoveries, our greatest dream is to create a real-life Maison Nue : a space for sharing a new vision of creativity.

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Shot in Paris
by Alexander Guirkinger

Many thanks to
Olivia Mayolle, Rose Agency