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Founded in Paris in 2008, Les Graphiquants is a design studio whose pronounced originality and meticulously calculated esthetic proposition leap out of traditional graphic design expectations and culture. With their experimental approach they transform clients' stories into the abstract, the poetic, the graphic, the sensitive, always imbued with meaning and a hint of peculiarity.

This interview is inspired by a letter written by Scott F. Fitzgerald to his daughter, in which he lists things to worry about, and not to worry about.

Things to worry about?

The sweet brutality of imperfect balances.
After tomorrow.
Games of contrasts.
Disciplined rebellion.
Fantasy exercised with rigor.
Silence as a form of expression.
Respectful irreverence.
Manipulated realities.

Things not to worry about?

White, emptiness and night.
Yesterday's fears.

Things to think about?

Accepting your naivety.
Success, recognition and conflicting egos.
The benefits of self-criticism.

Things not to think about?


Things to do?

Stop smoking.
Keep up the rest.

Things not to do?

Waiting and forgetting.

What is innovative?

Innovation is nourished by the unforeseen; mistakes and naivety are the driving force.
The simple act of doing the same thing as yesterday.
Our unpredictable and imperfect nature will inevitably give birth to something new. 
Recognizing something new when it arises.
Letting children speak.

What is esthetic?

Our habits and automatisms.

The act of speaking with the same words, yet always saying new things.

What is understandable?

Everything, even madness, the time needed to understand varies however.

We try to avoid immediacy in our work. We prefer multiple visual layers, and conceal logical explanations to allow for multiple interpretations. An image, once comprehended, will vanish.

What is honest?

Interpretation and feelings.

What is long-lasting?

That which exceeds us.

What is the least design possible?

A circle.

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Shot in Paris
by Alexander Guirkinger